Our clinic


Our clients can attest to the cleanliness and comfort of our reception area and examination rooms. But what's behind the scenes in our building is what makes Pulaski Animal Hospital the best in the area.

Our hospital offers modern surgical and anesthetic techniques, and continual monitoring of patients.  We perform a wide variety of orthopedic, soft tissue and elective surgeries.

After surgery, each patient is closely watched. If necessary, the patient is placed in an intensive care area.Laboratory services, both in-house and external, provides result for serum chemistry, hematology, serology and parasite tests, cytology and histopathology. When necessary, we use university veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics.

Our X-ray capabilities include radiographic diagnosis of many diseases and our ultrasound machine enhances the ability to diagnose medical problems. When necessary, radiographs can be sent to a board certified radiologist for a consultation. 

We have voluntarily complied with the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association and have been a member hospital for over 40 years. The association's standards apply to our facilities, equipment, practices and management. Compliance is determined through inspections by association field representatives.